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Belly fat months

Belly fat months

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And there are stomach dolls! Asked if we can help or have one day to another with new and newer practices. Read our pediatrician's advice!

Dear Blood Doctor,
Our baby Dorka is now three and a half months old. It is very severe abdominal pain, it can not cramp at all - unfortunately, almost every day, we are unable to help with the edges. Our pediatrician advised me to breast-feed less frequently and also prescribed a solution for throat. Abdominal ultrasound has seen a lot of air in the tummy, and a lot of defecation and air in the cancers, but there is no organ difference. We went to the pediatric clinic where he was told he was very tight and fed. The surgeon suggested that we use the stomach again at night to eliminate the disease. Now we are coming to a homeopathic doctor, there has been some improvement, it is just beginning to poop, but at night it wakes me up, it is not enough to accept the baby. A totally milk-free diet was recommended, but her stomach was never bloody. Could this be the solution in our case, too?
There are few mysterious infantile complaints, such as infantile abdomen, also known as infantile rabbits. Typically, from the ages of seven to three months, the inconsolable fat will last. We do not know the exact reason for the change, and it is therefore harder to cure. In more than 90 percent of cases, there is no significant organ change in the body. It is worth noting that residuals are associated with a small number of gastrointestinal disorders that are accompanied by colonic symptoms, so it is important to avoid infant gastroenterology in such cases. Based on your letter, I think your child has a functional stomach (ie, rabbit).

Dr. Veres Gbor

Of course, it is irresponsible to say that I have not seen or examined the baby, but in 95% of the cases this is the explanation of the bullet. Try a milk-free diet that can make a difference. Usually, after two weeks of dieting, the symptoms should disappear if the cow's milk passed through the breast milk is the cause of the complaint. The use of a vertebra may be justified if the physician, when inserted into the extremity, palpates the narrow intestine. Do not use without medical examination!
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