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So keep it a little bit out of the sun!

So keep it a little bit out of the sun!

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Soon the holiday season is here. You can hear a lot about the harmful effects of the sun, but in spite of the dangers you should not give up on bathing: you have to protect yourself properly against UV rays.

Children's skin is more sensitive than adult skin, so it is more exposed to the harmful effects of sunlight. According to a study, childhood sun exposure can double the risk of adult skin. For the little ones, just 3-5 minutes is enough for the delicate skin to shine. Bloody heaven should be avoided in the first place, as it can be a serious risk in the future.

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Eucerin Factor 25 products, for example, do not contain chemical agents, so they are non-irritating to small skin and can be used from the age of six months onwards, protecting them from the sun. It is important, however, that they should not be exposed to direct sunlight, however: wearing a cap, polo, or short pants is recommended alongside the broadcasters.