Babapsychi - Drinking fetuses

Babapsychi - Drinking fetuses

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Have you ever heard of fetuses sipping water? How come? However, fetuses drink in a safe womb. Some still know the cuisine. However, if the mother eats chocolate, she will certainly taste it. Because they can sense you inside ...


In the previous issue, we were interested in the musical fetus. Although this time we move on, we are a little too late for musicality because we are not done with our business. We have not yet described the vestibular system, which is another important element in the development of musicality.

I was dancing with a baby

A French researcher, Tomatis, found that the vestibular system was also responsible for sensing rhythm. Thanks to this, the baby is able to sense all the movements and displacements of the mother. The role of the vestibular system in rhythm sensing suggests that the pregnant mother's activity has a direct influence on her baby's musicality. Little mothers can develop their little musical sensibility if they sing, when the music they hear is moving or dancing.
Acoustic stimulation also directly increases brain activity. Tomatis and Meneri have described that the ear is not only the hearing organ, but also the most important battery in the brain. About 90 percent of the brain's total energy is provided by sensory stimulation through the ear and the vestibular system.
We've added so much about fetal musicality now, and let's review our next main topic, sensation.

The development of sensation

We know that the fetus feeds mainly on the placenta and the umbilical cord. However, from the third month onwards, she has been drinking amniotic fluid, which in the last trimester of pregnancy can reach as much as 15-40 ml / hour. This is certainly a considerable amount. Some researchers say that one reason for drinking amniotic fluid is hunger. Consuming it may also indicate that babies are familiar with impotence, such as the feeling of hunger.
The baby, though they don't just drink amniotic fluid because of hunger. The nipple buds develop by the 15th week of pregnancy, so the taste can play a role in drinking amniotic fluid. A researcher named De Snoo was able to inhibit or stimulate amniotic fluid injection by injecting various substances into the amniotic fluid. For example, when injecting quinine, not only do babies drink significantly less, but their faces are distorted, indicating that the bitter taste is not for us at all.
Injection of sweet materials, on the other hand, doubled the usual amount.

They control the light

The next system that we need to look at more closely is the visual system. Sequentially the last sensory organ that begins to function in the intrauterine life. Even today, there are many professionals who assume that babies will not be seen for a couple of weeks after birth. This is not true, but it is Newborns should not be visually challenged with adults. The visual system starts working from the seventh month of pregnancy, at least in terms of functionality.
For from the second month on, the eyelids will blossom, just again from the seventh month. There is no darkness in the womb. The abdominal wall and the bee are both permeable to light, as is proved by light. By week 16 at the latest The baby is monitored when his mother is sunbathing. Some researchers have examined the visual and the horizontal and vertical eye movements recorded in Figures 31-32. hйttхl.
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