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So raise an optimistic child

So raise an optimistic child

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We tend to be pessimistic, but parents can do a lot to encourage and reinforce the optimism of their children (and of course themselves).

So raise an optimistic kid (photo: iStock)

Don't complain so much

The computer always freezes, it falls again, it has a plug in the night - there are annoying things in life. If we always lose these things and often talk about these annoying, frustrating conditions in front of the child, we are not doing a good job. Let's get the kids to bed and then fan them. Try to complain less and get the good stuff done. It does not matter which aspect we see and which one we call the child's attention. If the service was nice but the french fries weren't hot enough, let's focus on the quality of the service. It doesn't matter what we emphasize in a situation.

Don't be so bad

The world is full of bad news, drama, day-to-day tragedies. We have grown up, we can put into context the many stories we meet on a daily basis, but the kids do not. The less you meet, the better, but if you meet them, we parents need to help them understand and process it.

Optimism is not about false hope

Optimism does not mean that we are positive, but rather realistic thinking, at least Tamar Chansky, according to a child psychologist. If, for example, When we move to a new place, we can say the public's challenge to make new friends, but instead of complaining or being afraid, we need to take active steps to make things work. Everything will be fine, but you have to do it.

Let's encourage the child to be independent

One of the hardest things for us was to let our baby go. When little people rely on us for everything, but slowly they do not need our help, they become self-sufficient. This is natural, but it requires them to be encouraged to take risks. The more we create a situation where we allow ourselves to be alone, the greater our confidence will be, which will also enhance optimism. (Via)
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