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Move More!

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If your pre-school kid is overwhelmed with giggle, dandruff, and two polar bumps, it's time to do something!

If your kid always wants to be lazy in the room, surprise him with moving games

Think about what might cause you a kids don't like to go out, he would most like to see a roller coaster or a dead man on the ground as this is not typical at this age. If you have a transient episode, you may have a disease, a school quarrel with a friend, or sleep deprivation. Allow this condition to occur after prolonged, febrile illnesses, or when you have anemia or vitamin deficiency. You should think about this first of all if your family or your child's diet is very one-sided, hardly eats fruit, raw vegetables, and consumes a lot of foods that contain added sugar. Vitamin starch may be a good solution for this, but the effectiveness of a natural, state-of-the-art food is much better because of other ingredients that reduce absorption! he always wants to be lazy in the room, try to change your lifestyle unnoticed. You usually have to work hard for yourself to have a healthier, more fulfilling day.- Go on foot or by bikewherever you can. It will take you longer, but car busting always brings more movement to your everyday life.
- Do not go home straight after Ovi, but go to the playground, the park, the riverbank. Discover more gamers!
- Surprise him with incentives to move: frisbee, ball, steam, bike, good, diablo, play with it!
- Look for more athletic kids and their parents. Go out for an outing together! If the playground rushes out on the outing, your child will feel that way, with his place next to him.

And if it rains, hey, it flashes?

- On rainy days, a Do not give up on moving in your home! This can be the case when you are building a balcony for children in the apartment, complete with pillows, mattresses, mattresses and chairs with fabulous elements. It is customary to admire, especially if you are doing a balancing task: lay a thin, long drop on the floor so that it does not enter the fast-flowing stream. Or, you hide the teddy bear and compete with the kids to find out who is going to save the trap first. You can exercise, dance together.There are tremendous sports equipment that you can use on such occasions, such as the balancing wheel.
- Movement is a real pleasure
- When is your child moving?
- How many active games does the child need?