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Miracle Causes? We've done everything

Miracle Causes? We've done everything

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If you are shit or stingy for a baby up to three months old, everyone says you have a belly head. And three months later, his teeth are coming. Big Rick Newbie, the mother of another year-old Sari, has spent everything in her sleep.

Significant amounts of spit, stubbornness, poor eating, poor sleep can lead to suspicion: the baby's teeth.

Many children are affected by the captivity

In the circle of friends, it is common to see that a baby who sleeps well at night is not necessarily daytime, and who, say, day and night, is sweet to sleep, may be suffering from teeth. I'm sure fresh moms are educating themselves on this subject, but there is something for everyone to try. , then I think I've shared all my thoughts with you about why I've tried all the berries and ointments found.Sure: There is no unique salvation method, no panacea. In this topic, the basic truth remains, all babies, and other methods can bring relief. But let's see what options we have in the Hungarian market.


The big shared. Some people think it's just gruesome, while others swear by it, supposedly in Germany it is the first thing to be offered for grabs. After all I wanted to understand the connections, I was very careful to see how and when I acted, and how I worked it out, and the amber became a calmer night for us.
When purchasing, it is important that you choose a child-resistant chain that has the stones knotted one at a time so that it will not roll over.

Homeopathy image for capturing

In the image, in which several components can be found to ease the teeth. The first time I used to worry about casting for magic, so I had hopeless hopes and thought that this tooth problem could be blown away. However, the I may have experienced the "magic spell" once, but most of the time it wasn't possible to decide how much the image helped.
To conjure up a stubborn child is not said to be the most heartwarming task, but it is perhaps simpler than dying with homeopathic balls.

Homeopathy for chamomile

Let's stay homeopathic for a while. Chamomile is usually recommended for captive use, but the experience here was similar to the picture. Once it worked, other times it had no effect. Although I have not tried it, but I can imagine that homeopathic treatment can be more effective if the baby's habits and knowledge of the exact symptoms determine the recommended medication and dosage.Dosage: The time of the dentist's application.
If you wake up multiple times during the night because of your pain, you have 5 bullets (dissolved in water, injected with a plastic spoon) and 1-1 bulb 1-2 times a day at bedtime. Read more about homeopathy in dosing

Bach drops

I went to see a Bach viral therapist myself, for whom I had reason to justify with a toothy and insatiable child. I gave her a glass of closest kindness to try it out. Bach drops work best with personalized blenders, and although we have now received a "general" blend, it has proven to be very effective. refraining from strong feelings, although it is not difficult to adhere to baby dolls, or to droplets from different radiation sources.) All the way down to the tooth ...

Conventional analgesia-based dental remedies

More is available in Hungary in different strength packs. At first, I was very scared of these drugs - all moms have pronounced "mummies" - because I read more on the internet that the arrow could get into the tongue, slimming it, and the baby could sniff and drown. and the child's doctor miutбn not ajбnlotta, sokбig fiуk aljбban the rest of the sudden felindulбsbуl йs kйtsйgbeesйsbхl megvбsбrolt tubus.Aztбn a loaded nyыggel dйlutбn when elsхszьlцttem kezйt fбjdalmasan arcбra szorнtva бllt elхttem, you have already йs was not tцbb eszkцzцm, уvatosan нnyйt smeared on a smaller mennyisйggel. Frizz is thinking of magic, the baby's face is smooth.Not given to a small baby and night, but can be a great help first.


Theoretically, the jelly has everything to relieve the pain of a baby, but unfortunately, it didn't work at all. This is where the idea that everything has to be tried at the very end, because everyone else really wants it, is the one that really shows up. My friends are not doing anything too tricky, getting them to their destination and smacking their toothed children with a happy smile…

Regeneration Gel

It's hard to admit it, but sometimes the Internet doesn't know everything. When I searched the world for more sleepless nights, searching for newer and newer miracles, it was not thrown away by the machine. in that case, it was a regenerating gel that I tried to get information about, but I didn't find a really good description. But maybe it's not that I don't know how it works, but it works. The secret, however, is that as soon as we discover the first signs of a tooth, we localize the little change that is being made and immediately start to brush regularly.

What we haven't tried yet

I have long been a cocktail with the purple recommended for spitting, but since my little girl doesn't like to say anything that I give her directly to wear, I have missed another investment. This has not been tried by anyone in the circle of friends, so there is no second hand experience.Unfortunately, it is not available in Hungary, only the Osanit name can be ordered from abroad. There is more swearing amongst the acquaintances, it is conceivable that I will still get it somehow.