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Easter Program 2017 - Country

Easter Program 2017 - Country

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If you want to take advantage of the Easter long weekend and go away with your family somewhere, check out our program guide!

The Easter eggs are still traditionally traditional

We collected the most interesting Easter programs in the countryside.

Hollushi Festival

If you look into the traditional peasant life, Hollukke is your place at Easter. The three-day festival rich folklore programs vбrnak. In addition to watering one of the most important habits, there will be concerts and various children's programs in one of the most intimate villages in the country. More details here.

Hъvvt in the Pusztai nlpark (Hortobбgy)

The magic of the game wells, the winning of horses, the killing of puppies, and the thousands of bird species at dawn special programs they also make sure that visitors to the Hortobub have a memorable day. On April 15, Easter egg painting, bunny skittles and watercolor competition are also waiting for those interested. More details here.

Matyu Hsvvt

Singers, musicians and a Matyou Neptune Ensemble special shows on Easter Sunday and visiting Mezõkővesd on Easter Monday, for the 16th time. If you are looking for something truly traditional, you will find here, egg painting, watering, Easter celebration, nipples, games, kids' favorite, animal puppy, bunny, baby. More details here.

Festival of the Chemical Arts (Szentes)

If you try bread, wood carving, matting or egg noodles, you will find yourself on the shores of the River Curca. If you are already away from home sales, spend the rest of the day in Szentes where tasty snacks they also offer opportunities for city rides. More details here.

Szeri Hъsvét

On Sundays and water intakes on Friday, they will revive Easter traditions Уpusztaszeren. During this part of the program, the tradition of consecration, egg-painting, watering and all this with the help of boys and girls in naturally dressed clothes will not be missed on Szeri Easter. More details here.

Egg Run (Szigetbecs)

Don't see that often either! After the rivers along the Little Danube collect the Easter eggs, they are placed two at a distance from each other on the streets of the village. He's in costume egg running boys your job is to catch more of these during the run and throw your midfield! More details here.You can see the 2017 Budapest and Budapest area events here.If you know of any special Easter event, let us know!They may also be interested in:
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