Fish consumption during pregnancy

Fish consumption during pregnancy

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If we consume fish regularly, we can bring in white and omega-3s so that we do not overload our bodies with saturated fatty acids. Unfortunately, almost every fish species also contains some mercury.

Fish consumption during pregnancy

In January 2017, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published their recommen- dation for recycled fish.

Official offer

The American College of Parenting and Pregnancy (ACOG) encourages pregnant women who are pregnant, planning or breastfeeding to follow the latest FDA and EPA recommendations:
  • eat different fish 2-3 times a week (up to 226-340 grams in total) of the "best choice" and the fish under the "good choice" category (see below).
  • We eat all kinds of fish
  • Over the age of 2, fish should be taken 1-2 times a week
  • At least once a week (about 170 grams), consume fish with a high mercury content (eg white cold tuna)
  • Avoid High Mercury Fish (See "Avoid Fish")

What counts per serving?

  • For adults: 110 grams
  • For children 4-7 years: 56 grams
Best choice (2-3 times a week):
  • anchovy
  • salmon
  • szardнnia
  • garnйla
  • Atlantic бrnyйkhal
  • Atlantic mackerel
  • Black Sea Sergeant
  • butterfish
  • catfish
  • kagylу
  • tхkehal
  • rбk
  • lobster
  • lepйnyhal
  • gray and black cod
  • herring
  • homбr
  • hake
  • oyster
  • fйsыkagylу
  • rбja
  • squid
  • marйnafйlйk
  • Freshwater trout
  • canned sturgeon tuna
Good choice (1 time a week):
  • carp
  • sawdust
  • repьlхhal
  • цrdцghal
  • California sheepskin fish
  • csattogуhal
  • Spanish mackerel
  • white flesh and yellow bluefin tuna (fresh, frozen, canned)
  • бrnyйkhal
Fly fish (highest mercury content):
  • kirбlymakrйla
  • marlin
  • atlantic tьkцrhal
  • cбpa
  • swordfish
  • bigeye tuna
  • mexican carcass

The mercury

Mercury is a naturally occurring heavy metal whose presence in the environment has increased. But there is no need to worry, the minimal amount of fish in the fish is not a danger to humans mercury. However, if a pregnant woman has too much of it in her body, the health of the fetus will certainly be in serious jeopardy.
  • severe nervous system damage
  • agykбrosodбs
  • learning difficulties
  • hallбsvesztйs
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